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Kip Noel

Kip Noel

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10/21/09 08:48 AM #1    

Holly Cummings (Ritter)

Kip was always a fun guy! Always happy and friendly. He and Ross Hightower are kickin' it up in Heaven.

01/06/10 10:16 AM #2    

Julie Griffin (Snaman)

was really sad to hear that Kip is no longer with us. Had some great times with Kip and the gang! you will be sorely missed Kip!

02/20/10 09:13 PM #3    

Lori McGlamery (Portugal)

Kip, his brothers and Ross Hightower were the first friends I made when we moved to Houston. All of us lived within 3 blocks of each other. Literally childhood friends. I don't remember what year Kip passed, but, today February 20th is the 4th anniversary of Ross' death. Good friends, gone too soon. Thinking about both of you Kip and Ross - I love you and miss you!

05/20/10 05:11 PM #4    

David Marion Wilkinson

I just remember how much fun he was.  Alway happy, always had this huge, mischevious smile pasted on his face. 

06/16/10 05:54 PM #5    

Stephen Gooch


 Wow, I should have posted here long ago, but I just didn’t know what to put in words that would best describe what Kip meant to me, as a friend. Man, there are way too many memories to even begin, so I will just say what comes to mind. Kip was definitely a guy who just loved “fun”, like nobody I’ve ever known! He always had a grin on his face, either from a joke he was telling or because he was just about to f@#k with you…but in a harmless kind of way. He would just stare at you with his sh_t-eating grin and then finally bust out laughing! He loved to pull jokes on people and would laugh and laugh and laugh when you fell for it. Kip was a guy that loved a good time but never at anybody’s expense. He was always watchful over his friends, and generally tried to keep the boat even keel and smooth sailing. He had no trouble helping others in need, and when the situation didn’t present itself in a positive light, he would still offer to lend a hand at a risk to himself. Kip was a true friend and his spark in life will be sorely missed by many, including me.
As for a “Kip Story”…..Since Lori mentions Ross Hightower above, I have a story about both Kip and Ross. This is about a typical outing with those 2 bozos and the rest of the guys, I believe it was the summer of '73. I remember it was a hot summer Saturday and there were very few clouds in the sky that morning. Our little gang were headed down to Surfside for the weekend to party, hang out, and hope for big waves (at least 4 feet…. It’s Freeport, TX, you know). We all carpooled and anybody and everybody would ride with whomever had the room…surfboards and all. We generally went to the pier/condos, the “boilers”, or Quintana with small success, but that morning when we came over the big bridge we saw some of the best formed 6-7 footers we had ever seen in the summer! We were all stoked and couldn’t get to the beach fast enough. We stopped at the corner 7-11 and picked up our beer and ice for the day….courtesy of Ross Hightower. Even though he was the youngest, he generally looked the oldest because of his size. Back then, the drinking age was 18 so it wasn’t a big deal to get beer. Anyway, we loaded up the vehicles with ice and Texas Pride beer (yes, that nasty Texas Pride where you got more bang for your buck!) and decided to head for the jetties. We stayed on the Freeport side, because the breaks were better than the usual Quintana beach. I can still remember how hot it was and it melting the Sex Wax that we used on our boards. We all knew it was going to be that perfect day, and one that we would always remember. After we pulled in and parked the cars (on the beach that doesn’t exist now), half of us jumped out and started relentlessly unlatching the boards. The other half, including Kip, Ross, Brett Griswold, and myself, just stared at the awesome sets that were in front of us. Mark Arnold, Larry Baker, Greg Greenway, and a few others had successfully grabbed their boards and were headed out towards the jetties. We grabbed our boards and followed shortly behind them, making beer bets on which one would be in the water first.
As usual, Larry made it first in the water and caught the first wave, while Greg was a close second. There was always something about Mr. Larry Baker when it came to getting in on the action first. Your first clue was when he got quiet....and that happened back at the 7-11. He had already thought things through before we left the store. He was in the zone, and I know Mr. Greenway was tuned into the same channel. By the time we were halfway out on the jetties, Larry, Mark, and Greg were on their boards waiting for another set. Larry and Mark were yelling at each other over somebody hitting the other one with a cabbage head (jellyfish). The cabbage head toss was a common practice back then. If you were caught looking away on your board, you could get slapped across your face or back with a gooey cabbage head. Kip and Ross were within earshot on the jetties provoking them even more, while Greg was focusing on the next wave. Brett and I were just cracking up at the whole situation while sliding on the algae that formed along the jetties. Shortly after, we were all finally in the water except Brett and Ross. Brett had slipped on the algae and was really cautious about jumping off the jetty. I remember we kept screaming at him “jump, jump, go ahead, you’ll be fine, dude jump! Wait for the next swell and jump in when it hits." Ross was just hanging back deciding if he was going to help Brett, or push him in. That was one big thing that Kip and Ross had in common.... that sh_t-eating grin when evil was about to be unleashed! Before Ross could make a move, Brett jumped off the jetty, but rolled off his board. Ross then jumped in with his board and grabbed Brett’s board keeping it from slamming into the jetties. We were finally all in the water, and everybody and boards were in one piece. Ross went from villian to hero as he handed Brett his board.
It wasn't long before all of us had a few decent rides. Some of us were a little better than others, but it was all good and the competition was on. By mid morning we were getting in the groove, and trying to see who would get the ride of the day. At one point, Kip and I had just ridden a beautifully formed wave nearly 7' almost into shore and were both bragging on each other! As far as we were concerned, they were the best rides of the day. The sets were getting better and we noticed Ross was about to catch a wave as we grabbed our boards. We stopped to watch Ross as he was trying his best to push himself up on the board. All of the sudden his arms stiffened and his whole body and face froze while hundreds of mullets started jumping though the wave and bouncing off of Ross' head and face. He was frozen in time with the stupidest expression on his face, totally startled, and his eyes as big as saucers! Kip and I laughed so fricking hard I didn't think we would ever stop! It seemed like everything was in slow motion watching all the mullets bouncing 4-5 at a time, non-stop, off of Ross' head. It felt like it went on for hours! Ross rode the rest of the way in on his belly, in shock. We asked him what he thought was bouncing off his head, but he couldn't talk. He was speechless. He still had that startled expression across his face with his eyes bugged out! I had never seen Ross that freaked out before or after that incident. Soon everyone caught wind of the story and Ross caught grief the rest of the day....but all in fun. He was just as good taking it, as he was dishing it out ....which made Ross Hightower everyone's favorite. For weeks, Kip and I would bump into each other in school and just crack up without having to say a word. To this day, I still smile when I think about Ross' mullets, and Kip.
That summer was probably the best times and memories I had with Kip and Ross, along with all the guys. It's funny how some things you can see so clearly and other things you can't remember at all. I am very grateful that was a memory I still retain, and do miss both of them. I definitely know they are having a good time where they're at, and will one day look to join them ....somebody has to remind Ross about the mullets just one more time!
Cheers to both Kip Noel and Ross Hightower....friends for life and thereafter!


08/07/14 12:54 PM #6    

Tracey Barnes

I was so saddened when I found that we lost Kip.  He was a really sweet heart.  I just adore his write up in my 1975 SHS yearbook.  It's a picture of Kip sitting in the breezeway pretending to read "The Scarlet Letter" which was deliberately turned upside down and he signed my yearbook as follows:  Hey Tracey, by the look on my face you must have been what was behind the cover Umm! Kip Noel.  I will always cherish this he was such a cutie as they would say back in the day.  R.I.P. Kip Noel You are greatly missed by all.  May God Bless and hopefully they have some good reading for you up in the Heavensheart

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