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•   Robert William Munson  3/21
•   Lynn Irwin (Derrick)  2/28
•   Gregg Dasher  11/19
•   Richard D. Letell  11/16
•   Noel Griffith (Swikert)  10/20
•   Debbie Cook (Mott)  10/20
•   Richard Hogan  10/19
•   Lori Teague (Hankins)  9/1
•   William R Thomey  5/17
•   Mike R. Brinkley  5/2
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•   Nannette Louise White (Price)  3/29
•   George Givens  3/30
•   Mike R. Brinkley  3/31
•   Glenn Bunting  4/1
•   Beverly Porch  4/1
•   Richard Steven Hicks  4/5
•   Linda Ybarra (Lowther)  4/5
•   Steve Ramsey  4/6
•   Mark Braden McAllister  4/7
•   Earl Fred (Scooter) McKenzie  4/7
•   Genie Dent (Burns)  4/12
•   Mary Ann Freeman (Macomber)  4/14
•   Lisa Yount (Branecky)  4/14
•   Clay Hughes  4/16
•   Maurice Presley  4/16
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As we step into this New Year, may your fears fade away, your strength be renewed and your dreams come true.




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