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William George

William George

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10/21/09 08:29 PM #1    

Richard Timothy Wims

After graduation I ran into Willian again while we both were working for Cameron Iron Works. I always enjoyed talking with William.

09/30/10 02:59 PM #2    

George Krapfel

Tom Hamilton told me that Billy George had been killed while I was still away at A&M.  I remeber asking Tom "Why?"  The same question still applies today.  It still doesn't seem right that he died so young.

07/23/12 05:45 PM #3    

Kenneth M. Fields

I remember the first time I saw/knew Billy. It was in 7th grade and the teacher had us filling out 3x5 cards with, of course, last name first and first name last. She got to Billy and basically started reading him the riot act for doing it wrong. It took a minute for her to understand that George, William was William George. I remember she didn't apologize either but what can you do.

Billy had married a friend of mine so I knew the story of his passing. The best that I remember is that one evening he and Glenda had just returned home from grocery shopping. Glenda had taken the first load in and after she put things up realized that Billy hadn't come in. She started to head outside and as she got to the door Billy fell into her arms... shot. He died shortly thereafter. The only reason for the drive by shooting was attributed to a car they had recently purchased. The police thought, but never knew for sure, that the person who previously owned the car had some not so nice acquaintances. They must have seen and followed the car then shot the person who got out. I never heard if the shooters were ever caught.

Billy live on the street behind mine and down a ways next to Tom Hamilton. He had a nice family and was a good guy.

06/16/14 03:09 PM #4    

Greg Van Ooyik

Billy was a good person, it was so sad for Glenda and the George family to go through this. Billy and I were in third grade together at Neff, I guess before Ed White opened, I think he transferred. We had a group of friends in high school that hung out together and continued to do so after graduation, Billy was a friend of mine in that group. Billy was smart, pleasant, funny and great to hang out with. 

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